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What makes you CLICK? I would love to hear what drives you to places you go. Is it a fancy word, a pretty picture, a playful phrase or something different?

Musician | Singer Songwriter, Country Blues Rock, Adult Alternative


I grew up in beautiful Lake Tahoe California but soon decided to escape the small town life. What kind of mark could I leave on the world? I joined the Navy and was lucky enough to serve our country and travel the world as a shipboard fire fighter. It was there that I realized that I am a songwriter at heart. I began writing and playing and the next thing I new I had a band. The funniest part about it was I wasn't trying to form a band. We just "found" each other and jived.

The band played gigs when we hit ports and even had the fortune to play on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. I know! How cool is that? As time went by we all got out of the military and went our seperate ways. I became a single dad and realized that the rock star dream would have to go on rockin' without me. So off it went. As I watched my little boy grow I continued to write and write and write. The years flew by watching him grow and with him songwriting ability grew. It was during this time that I also realized what I wanted from the music I write. It is so simple it seems stupid really. To make people happy and help people less fortunate.

I believe music to be one of the greatest powers on earth and I am so fortunate to have the ability to play and write. With that great fortunate I believe I should give back. I hope to play as many benefits, donate as much money from sales as I can and honestly just see people smile in the audience as they connect with one of my song or maybe more than one.

I would love to hear from you and find out what makes you CLICK? Maybe together we can make the world a little happier of a place. I will be looking for your messages and comments. May all your dreams come true.

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